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International User Group Amsterdam

New User Interface discussed

As part of our continuous innovation program, Klopotek is developing and will deliver shortly an exciting, new, workflow-oriented user interface layer.

Usability and a business process focus will be the key elements of the new, Java-based thin client design. We are already working with some customers in a prototyping phase and expect to release the initial version part in the coming months.

In accordance with the user-centric design principle, this new interface was discussed during a session at the user group on 21 May 2014.

Features of the new User Interface

  • Workflow and business process oriented
  • Thin client (will run in a browser)
  • User-centric design


Other topics of the International User Group

During the second part of the plenary session, we presented our new user portal. After this we continued with 2 separate subject groups. From our customer base, we had received topics for each subject group.

Title Management, Product Marketing, Editorial & Production

  • Release enhancements on e-productions and e-variants
  • Chapter based products, production and workflow
  • The work as the master during ideation and content creation phase
  • Component handling

Contracts, Rights & Royalties

  • The work as the contract master
  • Rights and royalties on components
  • Rights acquisitions & permissions
  • Rights sales

Order 2 Cash

  • Released enhancements for merchandising and stationary products
  • Bundled sales models
  • VAT changes 2015 on e-services

Pictures of the Canal Tour


Picture of the Canal Tour provided @basbaalmans