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Suppliers Online

Handle order and controlling of vendors with ease

Suppliers Online is an additional STREAM module designed to complement the Klopotek publishing suite. The browser-based App supports an important organizational part of the production process of  publishers: their order and controlling processes of vendor services. Suppliers Online is directly  connected with the Supplier Orders module of the Klopotek Classic Line and offers a selection of key features that support the order placement workflow – cloud-based and on any type of device.

Suppliers Online provides publishers and vendors with an overview of placed orders, their statuses, the time schedule and all communication activity. The Web App allows both parties to manage and adjust  the orders directly in the system as the order is being processed, keeping every user informed at all  times. It enables users to quickly adjust information in a smooth and intuitive way – such as scales  (uploading new price lists) – and supports the planning activities of production managers by showing if a vendor is available for a new project. Vendors can use to tool to check production tasks with target  dates.

Users of Suppliers Online at publishers will find the purchase ordering process simplified through the  use of automatic order placings for specific vendors based on the metadata of the Production system.  Notifications when an order has been placed or adjusted help keeping publishers and vendors up to  date in their projects. With an inherent approval workflow, the authorization process is guaranteed:  the vendor must approve or refuse orders assigned to them.


  • Supports publishers in their order and controlling processes of vendor services
  • Provides publishers with a fast and reliable overview of orders placed for several suppliers, their statuses and the time planning, resulting in maximum transparency
  • Enables production staff to work efficiently and reduce costs by utilizing electronic data transfer
  • Simplifies communication between suppliers and publisher
  • Allows suppliers to check production tasks with target dates
  • Authorization process is guaranteed by inherent approval workflow