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Enhancements of the Classic Line in patch 2 - 2017

Contracts, Rights & Royalties

Generation of comments for claims
Using a batch procedure of the Klopotek system, you can generate subsidiary rights claims from data in rights sales contracts – both for regular statements and for irregular installments as agreed in the rights sales contract. As of version 10.8, your system administrator specifies whether the comments for the subsidiary rights claims should be automatically generated by the batch procedure or not.

By default, the comments are not generated automatically. If you choose the other option, they are displayed in the ‘Rights Revenues’ module and enable you to identify which irregular installment a claim relates to.

Rights revenues: configurable contract name
For subsidiary rights invoices, your system administrator can now – as of version 11.0 – specify whether the ‘Sub rights claims document printing to interface’ batch procedure prints the contract short name or the contract subject on the documents as the contract name.

Royalty recipient: delete alternative payee
On the ‘Beneficiaries’ tab in the ‘Royalty Recipient’ module, the ‘Delete Line’ option (pop-up menu) is now available (as of version 10.8), so that an alternative payee in the ‘Payee’ group box can be deleted.

Title Management, Editorial & Production

External product search: project number
In the ‘Products’ module, you have the option of uploading a list of products from a file (*.csv oder *.txt) as a results list. After you use the ‘External Product Search’ option (pop-up menu), you can then, for example, perform a collective revision for these products.

Until now, you were able to enter the ISBN, order number, or work number as the product identifier in the first column of the file. As of version 11.0, you can also enter the project number to identify the product.

Production – section: pagination with Roman numerals
In the ‘Production’ module, you specify the first and last page number for each section. As of version 11.0, you have the additional option (for more refinement) of indicating that pagination of the section should be in Arabic or Roman numerals via a checkbox.

The information on the type of numbering used is exported (Message Based Service ‘Supplier Order adaptor (OUT)’) and can be used for various forms of automated order placement.

Modification to notes causes product update

On the ‘Notes’ tab (‘Business Partner’ form), it is possible to enter information (such as an author’s biography) that the ‘VLB Title Registrations in ONIX Format’ batch procedure exports as data regarding the product’s originator.

Whether or not new, modified or deleted notes regarding the business partner result in an update to the product(s) that this business partner is assigned to as an originator depends on your system settings. An update to the products results in modified values in the ‘Data Entry Info’ window (as of version 10.8).

Production – Shortcut for closing extended calculation if macro invalid
In the ‘Production’ module, you use the extended calculation to, for example, calculate the break-even point for a production project and use it in the Klopotek application. The extended calculation is created using Excel®, and the Excel® templates for the extended calculation can be customized. The use of macros is also possible.

It may happen that a macro becomes invalid (e.g. for compatibility reasons or as a result of links to external resources that have become invalid) and causes Excel® to crash. If Excel® crashes, the Klopotek application remains in a waiting state and, until now, had to be restarted in such cases.

As it may require a great deal of effort to manually revise all the affected calculations, now, as of version 10.8, a shortcut is available to close an extended calculation with an invalid macro and continue working with the application (Ctrl+Shift+Del).

Order to Cash

Company-group-specific addresses
Klopotek O2C offers features that support the use of a common business partner with different address by multiple companies (company groups) in the context of sales and distribution (as of version 10.8). As a result, the user’s workload is reduced significantly and data security is improved.

Automatic creation of company-group-specific addresses: For the modules ‘Customer (BSD)’, ‘Customer (JSD)’, and ‘Customer (ASM)’, your system administrator defines the company groups for which the system will automatically create new addresses as part of the entry of company-group-specific customer terms. In addition, new company-group-specific addresses are created for external proprietor-level main addresses (not contacts) that are assigned to the standard usages ‘Delivery address’, ‘Invoice address’ or ‘Invoice mailing address’ for a business partner in the role ‘Customer (BSD)’.

Automatic assignment of / grouping via address reference: You can have the system automatically assign a unique address reference to all new addresses created at company group level as well the associated main address at proprietor level as the basis for independent downstream processing. The group of addresses can be clearly identified via the address reference.

Document printing: archiving documents that are not printed
To ensure compliance with the requirements set forth by law, documents that are not printed must also be archived. As of version 11.0, the archiving run for these documents is started separately in the first printing mode.

E-mail address in orders
Electronic products are not physically shipped; instead the Klopotek system sends a message with a reference to the product purchased and the relevant e-mail address to the distribution system. In order to simplify and speed up data entry for large orders (e.g. bundles of 100 or more e-books for a single recipient such as a library), you can (as of version 11.0) specify a single e-mail address which applies to all the order lines.

International Address Pool

Identifiers / address references: configurable display
Using the highly generic ‘Identifiers and Address References’ option (pop-up menu) in the ‘Business Partner’ module, you manage all the necessary types for individual applications or external systems with the associated identifiers (e.g. the International Standard Name Identifier [ISNI]) and address references. Identifiers reference business partners and address references refer to addresses.

If identifiers or address references have been entered for a business partner, your system administrator can now, as of version 10.8, configure whether the ‘Information’ box (‘Business Partner’ tab) displays

  • the type and value for the identifier or address reference
  • only the type without the value
  • no information at all on the type

This gives you the flexibility to make the identifiers and/or address references that are most important to you visible on the ‘Business Partner’ tab. The system displays the types in the order configured via the sort key.

Uniserv – risk address check

When entering or modifying addresses, you can check them against exclusions that already exist in the address pool. Your system administrator activates the check, defines the profile to be used, and stores the rules for scanning the address data for risk addresses. The predefined rules provided by Klopotek have been revised (as of version 10.8): contacts are included in the check and the number of false positives was reduced.

And did you know …

... copying write-protected data

It is possible to copy write-protected data (such as the contract number) from boxes in the Klopotek system by holding [Ctrl] and clicking the right mouse button. This function copies the entire content of the respective box and moves it to the clipboard, so you can paste it in a different box or document (version 11.0).  

… Installation with Microsoft Server 2016 is now possible

With Patch 2 / 2017 the Q/A processes for MS Server 2016 have been completed: at this patch level, our software can be installed on MS Server 2016 without any issues.

… No problem with GDPR and changes to copyright laws

The Klopotek software already complies with the upcoming changes to the Urheberrechtsschutzgesetz (copyright laws) in Germany. Early next year, following the delivery of Patch 1 | 2018, this will also be the case for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union).  

… Classic Line and STREAM are perfectly integrated

Did you know that we’ve achieved a seamless integration of the STREAM platform and the Classic Line? Especially the STREAM apps that provide 360° degree views on data are perfect starting points for searching, receiving and perceiving information. It is easy to directly jump to specific editing fields in the Classic Line from the various STREAM widgets for titles, contacts, classifications, etc.