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Klopotek Analytics

Unlock the analytical and strategic potential of the data you manage in Klopotek

Klopotek Analytics is a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution that specifically addresses the reporting and business intelligence needs of publishers. The solution is built on Pentaho, a leading business intelligence and data integration platform.

Visualize and analyze

Gain insight on day-to-day operations and predictive analytics with state-of-the-art interactive visual analysis designed for desktops and mobile devices. Klopotek’s Classic Line solution and STREAM web apps are fully integrated with Klopotek Analytics.

The drag-and-drop tool for creating interactive reports is powerful and easy to use. The reports can be run on demand or scheduled for recurring publication.

KPIs at a glance: responsive dashboard

Monitor key performance indicators from multiple areas of your organization. Easily include charts, graphs and interactive reports with intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard design. Parameter filters allow you to instantly narrow your focus to specific segments.

Business Intelligence

Klopotek Analytics offers state-of-the-art BI reporting and analysis, including 3D analysis reports (OLAP services), dashboarding (advanced enterprise dashboards), data mining and ETL capabilities (for example for gathering and understanding social media data). Many graphic options, including crosstab and chart views, are available.

Klopotek Analytics is suitable for all Klopotek solutions; i.e. for applications which use SQL (Oracle) and NoSQL (MarkLogic) databases.

Reliability & governance

Blended data must be governed to ensure validity and accuracy. Klopotek Analytics allows you to maintain data governance rules while enabling self-service analysis.
Backup and recovery options are available. The information can be saved in all popular formats at the touch of a button.

Products tailored to your specific needs

Klopotek Analytics is available as two products:

  • Klopotek Analytics Advanced: contains the interactive reporting features
  • Klopotek Analytics Premium: contains interactive reporting and BI options (including full access to the Klopotek analytics tools to create your own data sources and reports)


  • Interactive visual analysis (interactive reporting)
  • Business intelligence (analysis reporting)
  • Optimized for desktops and mobile devices (Klopotek Classic Line / STREAM)
  • Access: web client or mobile devices; single sign-on
  • Responsive dashboards with key performance indicators and filters
  • Support for both SQL (Oracle) and NoSQL (MarkLogic) databases
  • ETL capabilities across diverse databases
  • Output in popular formats (HTML, PDF, MS Excel, XML and more)
  • Analytics security and content permissions
  • Reliable; backup and recovery options provided
  • Low cost subscription pricing, implementation, and operation

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