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Subscription Manager

Support for all types of subscriptions

The Subscription Manager provides a web-based platform that is finely tuned to the needs of customer sales and service agents. From the moment a customer makes contact, whether inbound or outbound, the agent can easily assess the customer’s total picture and take appropriate action: answer the question, resolve the problem, and uncover opportunities. Turn a problem into an opportunity. If the problem is resolved quickly and easily, the customer may be more receptive to an upgrade offer.


  • UX-designed for customer service and call center users

    • Customizable UI for specific users and roles

  • Web-based app can be on premise or cloud
  • Accessible from computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Customer 360° view
  • Handle claims and inquiries
  • Create subscriptions
  • Renew subscriptions
  • Identify offers and upsell opportunities based on the customer’s profile
  • Make customizable bundling and content offers
  • Change addresses
  • Suspend and cancel subscriptions
  • Reduce operating costs with more efficient customer acquisition and service operations
  • Improve recurring revenue through better customer experience

    • Reduce churn rate
    • Increase lifetime value

  • Identify opportunities for sale and upsell